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Do you want to learn about money?

Most humans (including teachers) would like to master their finances for a brighter future! I sat down with Whitney Hansen from the Money Nerds podcast to learn about her journey, side hustles, and so much more.

It’s so fun to hang around with other money nerds!

After hearing stories about how people make money with side hustles, she said, “I'm like, You do what? Like, how the heck does this actually work? I think when you see those opportunities of what the world could offer you from a career perspective, it is game-changing.”

Whitney said she went to FinCon to learn about blogging because that was the platform she was planning to build her business around. However, when she got there she started learning about video and podcasting. It really sparked her interest and helped shape the direction of her career too.

She was also inspired by the stories about people paying off debt and how they were living on 30% of their income.

Learning about all the different ways people make and handle their money is game-changing!

Side Hustles

Conferences spark your creativity.

There are so many things you can do to create a side hustle that pays. Suddenly you realize the world could be your oyster.

The question is: which of the many ideas will you focus on?

Let’s learn some of Whitney’s favorite side hustles (ones she has personal experience doing), and FYI... she said to put your job shame aside!

It’s a Friday night in [insert your city here]. After a long week at work, a family is relaxing and they don’t feel like battling the crowds in a busy restaurant. That’s where you are set to earn extra cash.

  • Doordash

  • Ubereats

Whitney drove on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, during the peak hours (4 pm to 8 pm), and was able to make an extra $500 to $600 per month.

One of her favorite side hustles is flipping furniture, which she has been doing for a year. She said other people say it wouldn’t work for them because:

  • They don’t have room

  • They don’t want to reupholster

  • They don’t want to strip and varnish/stain the wood

The beauty of it is those things aren’t required. Whitney shared her method with us! She said all you have to do is go to a thrift store and find a piece of furniture that’s in good condition. She usually looks for pieces that are solid wood and with a price under $50.

She’ll stage a photo, brighten it with an editing app and post it directly on Facebook Marketplace. She earns approximately $600 per month.

That’s one of the fun little side hustles!

Side Hustles With A Surprise

I shared one of the side hustles that I’ve tried with Whitney. I love reselling, so in the past, I’ve bought storage units in order to flip the treasure inside. Let me just say that it's not like any TV show.

It takes a lot of work and sweat to go through one of those things. It’s true that you may find treasure. However, not everything you find is treasure! Sometimes quite the opposite!

I like that these side hustles of flipping clothes or furniture (or treasure) have a sustainability factor. There’s always something cool about recycling.

It’s neat to see someone who finds something old and unique and treasures it!

Educational Side Hustles

Whitney has a current side hustle that is specifically for teachers.

She’s an adjunct professor at Boise State University. Whitney has been teaching adult elective personal finance for four years. She said she teaches two classes (one online and one in person) and gets paid per credit hour.

She points out that it’s a great way to leverage your current skill set!

Another way to use your teaching skills is VIPKid. Whitney indicates that while it’s not one of her favorite side hustles, there are a lot of people who like doing it.

Have you heard of it?

It’s online tutoring for students learning English and you can work around your own schedule. Whitney explained to me that you work directly with a student teaching them English and the lesson plans are already made for you!

Some others that you can check out are:

  • Teachers Pay Teachers (content creation)

  • Summer swim lessons

  • After school tutoring

Whitney has her own Etsy shop that she calls Bucket List Printables. She describes it as fun activities to do during the spring, summer, fall, winter. They can be bought as a bundle or per season.

This is only one of her side hustles and it brings in $50 per month. However, she stated that it’s completely passive!

By using your skills to create lesson plans, checklists, or a document detailing how to get your classroom ready for each year, you can immediately post it on Etsy. Other teachers can pay and print it off.

As Whitney said, “I think the sky's the limit when it comes to Etsy downloads.”

The sky's the limit. Do you have any neat side hustles to share?

Leave a comment below!

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