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Updated: Mar 5, 2020

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Are you ready for a fresh start?

There’s just something about the new year that causes us to focus on freshening things up. Perhaps it’s the idea of spring cleaning. You may feel the need to organize your space and declutter.

I know, you may be wondering: What does that have to do with my money? Well, someone at FinCon told me that if we are organized, it can save us money.

How does being organized save you money?

When we can find the things that we already have, we don’t have to keep purchasing them over and over and over again.

That’s why my interview with Bri Van Lierop was so timely. She’s with the company Neat Method, which is a professional organization company. They go into your personal or professional spaces and organize your things.

They tame the chaos!

A Penny Saved Is a Penny Earned

Bri explained her thoughts on how being organized can save money.

She explained that being organized is more than making things appear clean and orderly. She stated that organization long term saves you money because you don’t have excess or expired products.

Overall, if you can organize your space it will ultimately save you money. That’s because you’ll know the quantity of each item you have--and you won’t overbuy.

That could be food, medicine, or cosmetics.

Bri gave an example of a problem most of us may have. Let’s say you can’t find your black t-shirt... so you go buy another one (and then another one). Over time your black t-shirts have multiplied until you have too many of them (and they’ll eventually end up in a donation bag as you declutter).

Her example made me think of how I buy my kid’s clothes (garage sales or thrift stores). I love getting good deals. That means pants for $1. However, before I get a good deal on 20 pairs of pants, it would be more helpful for me to know how many pairs are required to “fill in” the needs gap we have.

As Bri said, “We live in a society that says if something is on sale or a good deal, we need to buy it.”

Unfortunately, that can condition us into buying things we don’t need, because in our mind they become a “necessity”.

Is it really needed?

Or is the item just taking up space?

Organizing 101

Where do you start?

According to Bri, the first step is to give yourself grace. She explains that acknowledging that you need to organize your space is the first step.

Her recommendation is to prioritize two different categories:

  • The most chaotic spaces in your home.

  • Space where you spend the most time.

Don’t immediately jump into the space that overwhelms you. Instead, organize a space that’s smaller or less chaotic, so you’ll have a sense of accomplishment.

It might be something small, such as tackling your junk drawer ("useful drawer" in Neat Method lingo).

It can be exciting to organize your space and find forgotten treasures!

Good Morning

Are you a fashion blogger?

The vast majority of people aren’t, so getting dressed in the morning is all about purpose. You’re thinking about what the day’s activities are.

As Bri told me, if your closet and drawers are a disaster, you’ll start out your day stressed from searching for what you need.

Organizing your closet is all about the long term (every day of the week) impact on how your day starts.

Let’s learn to organize your space in the Neat Method way!

  • Empty out space (all of it)

  • Categorize by “like item” and “like color”

Let’s consider those black t-shirts again.

She said if they’re in good condition (wearable in public), there’s a couple of different ways to organize them. If the closet is small, file folding them (color order) will save space. Another possibility is to hang your top favorite two black t-shirts, and file fold the others.

In the Neat Method, jeans would be folded (light to dark order).

If your small space is small, it will free up space if you store off-season items. She emphasized that even stored they should be categorized by like items.

You’ll also organize your space by type of clothing, which depends on what your week looks like.

Bri explained, “If you're in the business sector, and you're going to be dressed professionally, Monday through Friday, then all of those clothes need to be accessible to you. Your casual attire, which would be worn at night or on the weekend, can have a different space in your closet.”

The clothes that you wear daily will be the most accessible when you organize your space. The things you wear less often will reside in another space within your closet.

How do you organize your space?

Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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