Embracing Financial Independence

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How does your sense of self impact your financial independence?

I sat down with Savvy History to find out the answer to that question, and to see what financial independence (FI) means to her.

It turns out that FI is a multi-faceted experience, and yes there was some history behind her journey to FI!

Savvy History:

Financial independence for me is just one small aspect of the idea of independence.

I like the idea of being able to go into a room and be independent in my thinking and independent in my emotions, and not let everything else in the room impact me.

When it comes to financial independence, I like the idea of being able to steer my own ship.

I like the idea of knowledge of modern finances, and them being empowering for people.

I certainly come from a place where for a long time, I didn't want to think about that type of information. I categorized it off into a section that I thought was “not exciting” or “not interesting” and “boring”.

Then I got into the idea of frugality for artistic freedom.

There was this idea that I wanted to make my art for myself, make music and not have to involve major middlemen. You know, that idea of record labels was falling apart when I started getting into music, and the standard architecture that was there for musicians in the past.

I understood that frugality could help me to be able to do whatever I wanted with my music because I didn't need a middleman there, and then it just became a larger picture.

It's become a habit.

I came across the idea of financial independence and even though it's not anywhere close to attainable anytime soon.

Me, I enjoy the other people that are attracted to the idea and I enjoy the meaning of life conversations that it spurs.

It's just a small part of my blog at this point but I don't mind tackling some larger psychological issues that come up with it if that makes sense.

I wanted to understand what she meant about going into a room and having more control. What did that mean to her in the grand scope of things?

Savvy History:

Yeah, like highly sensitive people. We're trying to figure out other people's thoughts and opinions, and find our own place.

For a while, I felt like I was a chameleon to the world, and I could fit into several different environments. Then I realized that I wanted to be the same person, wherever I find myself. I want to treat all people I come across the same way.

When I talk about that type of independence, it's just a sense of self.

I think creativity can help certain people get there, whether it's through writing, painting, or maybe they are authors of books. I think there's a certain amount of self-articulation that can help somebody to be incredibly independent-minded.

Being independent-minded you could be in a room, or online, and hold your own. It’s being in these spaces where you have a bunch of people enjoying what you, but it's not pulling or tugging at you.

I find that idea very appealing, and I just realized that it was a form of independence. I think when people get their money together, sometimes they can have more confidence.

It would be great to have confidence that was removed from money and was removed from others.

It was removed from whether your artistic talents were accepted by other people or not.

That's true independence to me.

I understood what she was saying because it's for yourself. It's your own thing.

It's your own definition of independence.

My thought process was that she does sound very independent!

She might not be at the specific point where she wants to be.

She is:

  • Taking control of her career and finances

  • Actively working on them

  • Intentional

  • Aware

  • It almost felt like she was saying, “I'm not there yet”.

  • However, I really feel like she is!

Savvy History:

On the financial front, I think I feel confident because I really enjoy the career I've chosen.

I am a teacher who loves her job. I also find it empowering to have certain other talents outside of teaching. When I first became a teacher, I had three years where I worked at a school that was about to close down and everybody knew it was about to close down, so we didn't know what waited for us. It was a small rural school.

That's when I first became really interested in finances. Up until that point, I had just been a saver. My happiness usually doesn't come from spending.

I didn't know anything about Roth IRAs. I didn't know anything about investing and knowing that my job has been cut offline, where I’m literally going to be laid off.

That just made me get really focused on my finances. It also made me focus on my other skills in case I didn’t have a job.

I had been a full-time musician before I became a teacher. I found a way to get paid for that.

Are you taking control of your journey to financial independence?

It’s a balance of taking charge of your finances, planning for your future and enjoying today.

What steps are you taking to create financial independence?

OK, quick check in!

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